White Fillings in Formby

If the decay is not too serious, our cosmetic dentist will remove all the decay and restore the tooth with a white (tooth coloured) filling.

Our dentists can safely replace silver amalgam fillings with white tooth coloured fillings.

Dental decay happens when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid attack, producing a cavity (hole).

More about decay detection in our Preventative Dentistry section.

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Elbow Lane Dental Care £ Formby 01704 876846 Elbow Lane Dental Care

Elbow Lane Dental Care Having been scared of going to the dentist for the past fifteen years,and having to travel from Merseyside to Bolton to go to a dentist that would "knock me out" to do a filling, I thought it was about time to face the fears, go somewhere local and "stay awake". Having your practice recommended by a friend I thought I would give it a go. Jude in reception was excellent, appointment sorted promptly and very approachable. So now, recently having had two fillings done by Julian ( extremely professional) who talked me through the procedure whilst he was doing it, keeping me calm and causing no pain, I am happy to say I would also highly recommend this practice.

Many thanks

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