Payment Plans

Denplan Care

Our Denplan Care scheme provides you with a more convenient way to pay for your dental care. This allows you to spread the cost of dental treatment by paying a set amount each month. This scheme covers the cost of all routine and preventative care.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

If you are considering additional treatments to enhance your smile, we have a variety of cosmetic, orthodontic and dental implant treatments available. If you would like more information about spreading the cost of these please ask about our interest-free dental loan scheme.

Payment Terms

Please be prepared to pay your fees as your treatments proceeds or when asked to do so by the receptionist. Full payment of fees is due by the day of completion of treatment. Charges will be made in the event of non-attendance or cancellation without 24 hours' notice.

How to pay

Payment can be made by cash, cheque (with guarantee card), debit or credit card.

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