Gum Contouring in Formby

Aesthetic recontouring of your teeth involves small, minimal adjustment of your teeth to reshape and level your smile. By altering the way your teeth reflect the light we can help to camouflage twisted or misshapen teeth without more invasive procedures.

Your gums frame and drape your teeth. Like a beautiful picture in the wrong frame, if the levels and shape of your gums aren't right, your smile may not look right. By altering the shapes of your gums, we can lengthen your teeth and improve your confidence in your smile.

Lengthen the appearance of your teeth by reshaping your gums.

Shorten, smoothen or level your teeth to improve your smile line.

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I had my first appointment today at Elbow Lane Dental Care and saw Ian Bowles. Very very nice dentist, he talked through all he was doing and I felt that I was well looked after. I am a nervo knock when it comes to the dentist but I have to say it was a good visit. I will not be scared going back and it was not a straight forward dental treatment. All staff seem lovely and I would definitely recommend this dentist.

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